Offering a Chance to Own History

This home is a spectacular offering with direct oceanfront. It overlooks Nantucket sound with 250 feet of private sandy beach. This Hyannisport retreat, built in 1930, was fully renovated in 1997 and a new two car garage added at the time. There are 7 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, formal dining room, eat in kitchen and 2 fireplaces. Located off the kitchen is an Au Pair suite that is now used as an Art Studio. Lounge on the large deck facing Hyannis harbor or dine on the stone patio. Located just uphill is the Hyannisport Golf Club and minutes from the ferries to Martha Vineyard and Nantucket. Your own private compound, fully landscaped and meticulously maintained is ready to enjoy all that Cape Cod has to offer.


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Party Like It’s Always Summer

They say it’s always good to leave a party when you’re still having a good time. That’s what we think at Seal Rock. So in that spirit, we sent off summer with a lavish fête en plein air that spilled into the evening as friends and acquaintances sipped cocktails, sampled scrumptious bites and a fabulous raw bar from Dennis Oysters. There was a lively five piece band under the tents and that kept everyone dancing as they marveled over the picture perfect sunset. The last full moon of the summer rose over the festivities as the sun slowly sank into the west. It couldn’t have been a more perfect end to summer.

This was a special launch for Thomas J. O’Neill that night with his new company: O’Neill Real Estate. Seal Rock, this very special, luxury waterfront and iconic property in Hyannisport, will be his listing. More information can be obtained at their websites: O’Neill Real Estate and Thomas J. O’Neill Blog

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Summmer at Seal Rock

Clear blue skies and crystal clear water are all we need with a little soiree on the patio for a perfect day on Cape Cod at Seal Rock.

bistro table deck lounge area


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Enter March Like a Lion

house in the dunesSeal Rock, in all her pristine white glory, sits perched above the dunes waiting for Spring. It won’t be long now. Since there never was much of a winter, the daffodils have already sprouted and are poised to bloom a bit too early. Crocus, those harbingers of Spring are already peeking from among the winter bramble. Robins, who never seem to leave entirely, are back in mass. One sunny day can bring a mind boggling array of shore birds and song birds alike that one would think there was an aviary outside on a grand scale. The water is calm and serene as if waking from winter hibernation, and not yet ready to get up and play. boatsThis morning a fishing boat chugged along through the harbor. It is the time for waking up. It is time for

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Light Play on a Winter’s Day

Winter has its moments when it takes your breath away. The changes in the slant of sunlight leads to wonder that we do not see in the blinding light of the summer sun. Beauty is all around us in a walk on the now quiet streets of Hyannisport and gaze out at our corner of the world. The stillness of a winter’s day at Seal Rock.

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Beach Rose Walk



Today the beach was calling. There is never a bad day at the beach. The ocean on Cape Cod always turns up a treasure. The gentle hiss of the waves, reminds us of how wonderful life is at the edge of the sea. There is a surprise winter rose, still bravely blooming even in winter’s occasional chill. Seal Rock’s front door welcomes us home.


beach stone shell on beach   front door


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Winter White

wintertime deck The glorious holidays are slipping into blissful memories but still the sun lingers on the shoreline in front of Seal Rock. Gulls scream if you approach to quickly, startled out of their  wintertime reverie. The waters are cold, clear and calm. Fishing is good. There are a few stragglers left in this time of rest and rejuvenation in Hynanisport. Resolution makers don their new gear decorating the streets, determined to run off those pesky party pounds. A gentleman, bundled in woolen jacket, plaid scarf, and leather gloves, loads up the post box with, presumably, late holiday letters. But no one, it seems, is on the beach. The sand, streaked with the wind has been sculpted like cake frosting, studded with a delicious combination of shells and bright seaweeds. It is calm. Whisper waves just touch the shore and beckon us to sleep our winter hibernation. The sun, relentless and impervious to the bite of winter, beats incessantly, bleaching everything pure white. The snows will come, inevitably, deepening the brilliance on the edge of the shore. But today, there is peace in the stark white turn of the year.

white shell in sand clam shell sandwater and rock

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Happy New Year 2012

Seal Rock Cape Cod wishes you and your’s a Happy and Prosperous New Year for 2012

New Years Eve clock

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Luxury Golfers Gift Guide

It’s that time of year when the world falls in love and yet, they guy in your life is in love with the game. The Game? Golf, of course. We have scoured the world for a few last minute things to tuck under the tree for the golfer in your life.

1. Ralph Lauren Personalized Golf Shirt Give the gift no one elsegolf polo has.  Customization with colors, logos and materials. This is sure to please the guy who has everything.





2. The MacKenzie Golf Bag

golf bag

When it comes to golf, the bag means nearly everything. Surprise the golfer in your life with this Harlequin Golf Bag in two colors. Handcrafted in Portland, Oregon by a golfer who wanted a supreme bag for the game. Available through Neiman Marcus.






3. Golf Travel Set

golf set

“Have Golf, Will Travel” is the motto of many serious business professionals. Tuck his game under the tree so he can take it wherever he goes. It has everything to keep his game on par while he is on the go. Italian leather case.






4. Santos de Cartier Sunglasses


Where there’s golf, there’s sun. Why not gift your golfer in style? These beautifully crafted sunglasses have a true sportsman’s appeal. Leather and platinum accents make this a perfect way to stay cool in the shade.





5. Tiffany Sterling Silver Golf Putter


The ultimate in luxury golf. Tiffany & Co. knows the way to a golfer’s heart is through the putt. Tie up a blue box with a gift that fits perfectly to a tee.





6.  Robin Rotenier Golf Cuff Links

cuff links

Since golfing is all about the links, why not fill his stocking with a little sparkle. Shining Golf ball and tee cuff links in Sterling silver for that polished finish on his sleeve.




7. Christian Scott Cashmere Sweater

argyle sweater

The ultimate in softness is in a cashmere sweater and no one does this better than the Scotts. This luxurious sweater comes in two colors, plain and argyle to keep that dashing golfer warm. Made in Scotland.






8. Nike 20XI-X Golf Balls

Nike golf ball with core technology

The latest revolution in core technology for golf balls, Nike delivers the most advanced on tour. The RZN core delivers distance. Perfect for the serious golfer.  Just do it.

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Christmas at the Lighthouse

lighthouseThere is nothing quite as quintessential as a Lighthouse when you conjure up images of Cape Cod. The quite beacons from antiquity have guarded Cape Cod’s shores for hundreds of years. They are a sight to behold, standing soldier straight in their starched whites ready to warn all and sundry that dangerous waters with hidden rocks are close enough to dash your vessel to pieces. With modern GPS and radar, they seem quaintly out of date. But GPS can’t help you in a dark night fog, so many lighthouses have survived the antique shop. Probably Cape Cod’s most famous Light is in Chatham, at the “elbow” of The Cape. Manned by the US Coast Guard, it not only is operational and open for tours, it gets dressed for the season with pine and holly.

Of the 14 Lights on Cape Cod, the others that dress in their Holiday finery are Sandy Neck Light and Nobska Light. To those of us that live on the water, when the Lighthouse gets festive, then the Christmas Season has truly begun.

lighthouse  lighthouse


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